The Carriage Roads

Acadia National Park Carriage Roads Bike Routes & Trails

Explore the best bike routes and trails along the Carriage Roads in Acadia National Park.

Tom and robin
By Thomas Brown & Robin Williams

Know Before You Go

  • Bicyclists must have a park entrance pass to ride in the park. Purchase the Vehicle Pass for entry to the Carriage Roads. Your vehicle pass will be valid for entry to all parts of Acadia and access to the Island Explorer bus. A separate pass is required for Cadillac Mountain summit reservations.
  • Carriage Roads are open to Ebikes, Bikes, pedestrians and horses only. No vehicles are allowed.

The carriage roads consist of 45 miles of groomed gravel roads that wind through the interior of Acadia National Park.

We will provide you with a map of the carriage roads with suggested routes based on your personal preferences for your adventure. The paths are well marked and easily navigated. Click on the highlighted link to review our suggested routes. (Type A won't be able to resist!)

Carriage Roads Biking Routes (Loops)

The National Park Service (NPS) has curated suggested bike loops to explore Acadia National Park. Each bike loop is marked with numbered intersection signposts.

Witch Hole Pond

1. Witch Hole Pond Loop (Visitor Center Connector)

This is the first loop after leaving Hulls Cove. Perfect time to get oriented and familiar with the signs and plaques of the trails. Don't miss the Duck Brook Bridge.

4.7 miles
Bubble bridge

2. Tri Lakes Loop (Eagle Lake, Bubble Pond, Jordan Pond)

This loop is is the quintessential route and contains the best of the carriage roads. The Bubble Pond Picnic area is ideal for a refreshing stop by the brook and small waterfalls.

10.9 miles
Carriage trail signposts

3. Eagle Lake Loop

Beautiful Loop with gentle elevations and shaded paths.

5.9 miles
JPH view

4. Jordan Pond Loop

Stop at Jordan Pond house for a grab and go lunch, sit down restaurant on the lawn looking over Jordan Pond. You can refill your water bottles and use the public restrooms. Once refreshed find the most photographed location in Acadia of The Bubbles.

8.6 miles
Around 9

5. Around the Mountain Loop

Stunning summit views over the Western mountains of Maine. This route takes you past many of the Rockefeller Bridges and waterfalls of Acadia. Best Loop after a rainy day for spectacular waterfalls.

11.3 miles
(18-19-12-10 north-10 south-14-21-20-19-18)
Amphitheater 2

6. Hadlock Loop

Contains two gorgeous waterfalls, several bridges. Stop and hike many of the wonderful trails in this area. Add this loop while on the Around the Mountain Loop to discover more bridges.  Great picnic spots along Hadlock Stream.

4.2 miles
Amphitheather 3

7. Amphitheater Loop

Add the Amphitheater Loop after you finish the Triad for a scenic ride past several Rockefeller Bridges, streams and shaded forest roads. 

4.4 miles
Fall 2

8. Day Mountain Loop

Reach the summit on your Ebike on the carriage road, a technical but thrilling ride. Enjoy views of the ocean along the Eastern side of the Loop. Your return to the forest and pass under the shadow of cliffs as you make your way to Jordan Pond House. You will pass wildwood stables and maybe even a horse and carriage as you complete the Loop. Follow the loop clockwise to see any approaching horse and carriages giving you time to stop on shoulder as they pass.

5.3 miles (+3 miles up the mountain)

Points of Interest Along the Carriage Roads

Jordan Pond House

Stop in for lunch at the grab and go café on the 2nd floor or make reservations for lunch on the lawn overlooking Jordan Pond with the iconic views of the Bubbles. Refill water bottles. Restrooms available.

Cobblestone Bridge on the Jordan Stream Path

Take the beautiful Jordan stream path to the only cobblestone bridge in Acadia. The colors of the stones are best appreciated under the bridge. Take the steps to the stream for an enchanting hike along the stream. Great picnic spots along this Loop.

Chasm Brook Bridge along the Around the Mountain Loop

The first bridge and waterfall seen on the Around the Mountain Loop. A perfect way to start a Loop!

Waterfall Bridge on the Hadlock Loop

My favorite waterfall on the Around the Mountain Loop is found at the Waterfall Bridge. Follow the path on the right side of the path to the small bridge, turn around and you will see an iconic view of the waterfall framed within the arches of the bridge.

Duck Brook Bridge and Falls

Gorgeous Bridge with a brook and falls. Explore the path below the bridge to admire the stone work.